Plaque Mounting

Plaque mounting is an attractive, yet economical alternative to framing, as it gives a frameless appearance while preserving the colour and protecting the work. We’ve been plaque mounting for nearly 25 years and have perfected the process.

We take your photo, map or print and mount it on a 3/8 MDF wood substrate using heat and high pressure. It is then laminated with a non glare UV protected film. Finally, the edges are beveled and painted. A key hole is then routed on the back for hanging.

We can plaque mount items as small as 4″ x 6″ and all the way up to 48″ x 96″. We can do 1 or orders up to 500, on site here in Saskatoon, when most frame shops send their plaque mounting out of province. Our turnaround time is generally one week.

We can also do a variation of plaque mounting called a flush mount. The map or photo is mounted on thinner MDF, and a wood backing is attached to the perimeter to give the illusion of being on a ¾ “thick board with less weight.

  • Work by The Framery